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Welcome to all First Time Home Buyers


For all you first time home buyers out there, this site has been developed with the intent to provide you all the education and tools you may need in your search for the perfect first home.

Why have Glen assist you with your First Home Purchase ? 

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - Glen truly cares about finding you a great home. He will not rush you into buying a home that is not right for you. He will take the time to educate you so you can find the home that meets your needs within your budget. Glens wants to be your Trusted Real Estate Advisor for life. He can also teach you how to use real estate as an investment tool to help you secure you families financial freedom
  • Glen will help you analyze the financial aspects of purchasing a home. He can recommend lenders, explain different mortgage options and insure that you have affordable financing in place in advance to insure that you do not lose that dream home once you find it
  • Glen was born and raised in Calgary, he knows Calgary, he can help guide you into the neighbourhood that is right for you
  • Glen has been helping “ First Time Home Buyers “ purchase their dream home in Calgary for more than 10 years, so he understand your feelings and requirements
  • Glen has assembled a Team of Professionals (Lenders, Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Home Inspectors, Property Managers, Handymen, Plumbers, Painters, and Movers) that are available to help all of his clients. They are available to help you, not just during your purchase but after it as well
  • Glen is previewing and selling first time home buyer type properties weekly and knows the current Calgary marketplace
  • Glen has been renovating and repairing his personal properties for years, so he can educate you about the mechanical systems in the homes as you view them. This will help you better understand the condition of any home of interest, even before we write an offer, or hire a home inspector
  • Glen has been investing in real estate for 20 + years, so he understands what types of home will increase the most in value
  • Glen has been Negotiating large transactions for more than 25 + years: he is a proven Negotiator and will help you Negotiate the best possible terms and purchase price for your new home
  • Please give Glen a call, put his experience to work for you all at no cost. You will be glad you did.



Let us help you find out what you can afford! Our mortgage calculator will help you determine loan amounts, mortgage qualification, or whether you should be renting or buying.

Complete the fields below (e.g., Cost of Home, Down Payment, Monthly Income) and click Calculate Now. To view the different results of your calculation, click on the various tabs. To mail yourself a copy of your results, click the Receive this Detailed Analysis link.

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Cost of House = [(Monthly income x Debt Ratio) – monthly tax – monthly insurance – condo fee] /
(monthly interest rate/ function of interest rate)
Monthly Rent: $
Annual Rental Increases:  %
Monthly Renter Insurance: $
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