Hiring A REALTOR™ To Sell Your Calgary Home

Glen Godlonton believes that the Real Estate Business is a people Business, it is not a numbers game. To us this is not a contest to see how may homes we can sell in a year, but a way to really help our clients. You will never see us bragging about being the top agent or having won this or that award. As a business professional Glen understand that if he look's after his clients to the very best of his ability, they in turn will be loyal and will support us now and in the future. It is about the golden rule (do unto other as you would want them to do to you ) When you give Glen the opportunity to market your home we will commit to:

  • Holding your best interests first and foremost.

  • Never pressuring you.

  • Being available.

  • Educate you.

  • Provide you all the information.

  • Helping you make the best decision FOR YOU.

As you start to plan to sell your home it is very important that you do choose the correct realtor to represent you.

Your home is important to you and if you are like most people it is one of your most valuable assets. We of course hope that you will interview our team for the job, but if you don't please do choose a REALTOR to market your home. You worked Hard for you home so you deserve to be represented and protected by an agent. I have heard so many horror stories from people that have tried to market there home on there own and have been taken advantage of.

Glen and 57 ChevyPlease do hire an agent - A good agent should be able to net you more money in the end than you can get on your own. Take your time to Choose an agent that you feel that you can trust and will look after your best interests.

Drop us a line and interview Glen and his team, and you'll see what sets us apart from the others.

When you hire Glen Godlonton to Sell your home. We will sit down with you and design a custom marketing plan to expose your home to the greatest number of potential buyers possible. The more people that know you home is for sale the more likely to receive top dollar for you home. We customize our Maximum Exposure marketing Plan for your specific home. We have a proven 20 step process to insure that we will get you top dollar for you home with the least amount of inconvenience to you.

The process begins with a home inspection of your Property.  During this meeting, you will sit down with Glen and review our Home Seller Education Package.  We will then discuss your requirements and what your agent requirements are.  At the end of the interview you will be informed and educated, you will understand the home selling process.

So why not Drop us a line or give us a call, lets see if how we can help you sell your home.