Moving Day Checklist

Remember to contact the following organizations to give then your change of address


 Utilities & Services


 Business Accounts


_____EnMax Electric & Water403-310-2010_____ Banks
 _____Atco Gas403-245-7888 _____ Financial Services
 _____Direct Energy866-420-3174 _____ Credit Cards
 _____Shaw Cable TV403-716-6000 _____ Real Estate
 _____Bell Express TV888-759-3474 _____ Dry Cleaner
 _____Telus ( Phone)403-310-2255 _____ Laundry
 _____Epcor Energy403-310-4300 _____ Service Stations
 _____Ed's Lock &  Key403-242-2776 _____ Drug Store
   _____Diaper Service





Government Services


Professional Services


_____Alberta Health403-297-6411_____ Doctor
 _____Income Tax800-959-8281 _____ Dentist
 _____Canada Pension800-277-9914 _____ Lawyer
 _____Public Schools403-294-8211 _____ Broker
 _____Separate Schools403-298-1411 _____ Insurance - Life
 _____Public Library403-260-2600 _____ Insurance - Auto
 _____TIPP city tax403-234-7480 _____ Personal Property




Publication & Subacriptions
People & Organizations
 _____ Newspapers _____ Friends & Relatives
 _____ Magazines _____ Business Associates
 _____ Professional _____ Church
 _____ Fraternal _____ Social Groups
 _____ Mail Order Houses _____ Athletic & Health
 _____ Book/Record Clubs _____ Civic
   _____ Fraternal



                                                             Final Moving Day Check


_____All Meters Read
_____Telephone Disconnected
_____Lights Turnes Off
_____Windows / Doos Shut & Locked
_____Keys Left as Agreed Upon
_____Leave Mailbox Keys & Location of Box
_____Leave Forwarding Adress with New Owners


Electric Meter Reading__________________
Gas Meter Reading__________________
Water Meter Reading__________________





The City of Calgary Information Center Telephone number: 311 or;