Selling your Inner City Home

Depending on the location, age and condition of your home, you may be asking the question:

Is it better to sell to a builder or a private individual??

The best way is always to list your home in order to gain the highest amount of market exposure. This allows the greatest number of interested parties to view your home and make an offer. If you have several parties interested in your home, a sense of competition evolves between the buyers, and this enhances your property's appeal and price.

Remember, no matter the location, age or condition of your home, you never know who might be interested in purchasing it. So don't limit your options. We currently have a list of 30+ small builders and developers that are interested in purchasing lots. We make sure that they all know at the same time when your home hits the market, to get you the Maximum sale price for you home.

The Glen Godlonton Real Estate Team can help you maximizes the value of your home. Drop us a line and we will be pleased to go over your options with you.